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Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army)

Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) is a multifunctional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The following course offerings will level up your knowledge and help you tackle all aspects of GCSS-Army ERP software. Ideal for military personnel, contractors, and DOD civilian end users.

Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP)

Use our Agile methodology to level up your knowledge of Agile Transformations. Agile Transformations succeed due to the top down approach, measurable success and outcomes, embraced creativity and leveraged momentum of teams. Our hands-on approach to support provides users with real time usage skills. Ideal for military personnel, contractors, and DOD civilian end users.

Management and Performance in Organizations (MPO)

Use our MPO training solution in five significant impact areas including hiring the right people, put them in the right positions, manage them appropriately, retention and build a culture that attracts the right people. Ideal for military personnel, contractors, and DOD civilian end users.

Training Options:

Cajer has a diverse training offering to meet the needs of students.  All training includes group participation and incorporates system navigation and simulation-based scenarios.


In Classroom Instructor Training

Through our classroom training, students learn GCSS-Army and the business transformation skills necessary to effectively run their unit.

Virtual Classroom

Online instruction and video conferencing to teach CATP, MPO, and GCSS-Army…

We’ve partnered with all armed-services and multiple civilian organizations to deliver GCSS-Army globally.

Agile Transformation
Human Resources

Partnered With


NgenioUSA - Management Training, Employee Assessment



“I needed a GCSS-Army certification to qualify for a contracting position overseas. After researching several companies, Cajer’s customer service was the ultimate difference. Roland’s experience and knowledge in the field simplified complex transactions. Two weeks later, I was hired for the position overseas.”
– Steven S.
“The three times Mr. Irions visited my class, once while I was in SLC as a Student and the other two times, while I was on the Podium as an Instructor, he gave great insight and clarity on a few GCSS-ARMY subjects that were being taught. His experience as an 92A Service member and working with the G-Army brings forth the on hands training he’s had while serving to help bridge the gap of where the Army is headed.”
– SFC James T.
“Mr. Irions has great attitude always shows up with a smile and a greeting. Tremendously knowledgeable and often able to satisfy student curiosity or procedural questions related to their limited individual experience at a much more comprehensive level, tying together different aspects into a single coherent picture of the overall process. -Able to describe complex or multi-step GCSS-A processes without burying the students in jargon or terminology that might distract from their information absorption, presents very clear and easily digestible answers and explanations.”
-SFC Mathew B.
“Mr. Irions provides complete and accurate information regarding to GCSS-Army.He is able to work and communicate effectively with diverse people, and willing to work in different environments.”
– SFC Sierra FC.
“Mr. Roland, subject matter expert experience truly helped drive the class and cleared any possible questions the students had on the topic of Material Management. I learned a lot from him and will definitely apply it to my military career.”
– US Army Reserve student
“Mr. Irions technical guidance with G-Army became very insightful when we weren’t able to have hands on with the system. Having Mr. Irions in our presence made me anxious to learn G-Army more because he stated you all (the class) have been exercising GCSS-Army business practices, you just may not have realized it. That statement right there inspired me to the fullest.”
– US Army Reserve student

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